Carbon Filter Can-lite 315mm x 1000mm

Carbon Filter Can-lite 315mm  x 1000mm | Carbon Filters | 315mm

Highest quality carbon filter

$520.00 (inc GST)


The Can-Lite filter includes 100% Australian Granulated carbon, an aluminum top and bottom, an integrated flange, and a 51% open perforation. Can-Lite™ is assembled in a dedicated carbon filter plant in Vancouver, Washington, USA.

Activated carbon traps harmful carbon-based airborne contaminants through adsorption and keeps them locked inside the filter. It also ensures optimal pore structure in the filter so that the maximum amount of impurities become trapped and do not escape into the air.

Length 1000mm

Diameter 350mm

Carbon volume 47L

Carbon depth 50mm

Weight 30kg

Technical capacity 2750m3/h

practical capacity 2500m3/h

Life of filter minimum 18 months

Conditions of optimal use

Humidity: Max 70%

temperature: Max 80°