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TWO LIGHT CREE 3590 LED WITH PASSIVE HEAT SINKS (NO FANS). Power Draw at the Wall 200 watts, equivalent to 300 watt output.

$800.00 (inc GST)


A market leader in LED technology, CREE chips have a high reputation in the indoor gardening world. This unit houses the CREE CXB 3590 3000K Chip which has an impressive board spectrum providing plants with light close to that of sunlight. The appearance of the light is natural making it easy to work with your plants without the need of colour correcting glasses although sunglasses are recommended as these lights are intensely bright. These are the highest output LED Chip we stock. Cree themselves say this second generation CXB chip produce 20% more lumens and run 30% more efficiently than the previous CXA range.

Meanwell drivers are world renowned for being the most efficient and reliable LED drivers. This driver delivers a constant current and voltage to the LED chip and allows the user to dim the lights. This function is especially good when transplanting new plants into a growing area as it allows the user to slowly increase the light levels, reducing transplanting shock. With efficiency as high as 96%, Meanwell drivers limit the loss of power supplied to the unit. Meanwell drivers also have a high rate of efficacy, increasing the amount of light produced by the chip for every watt of power supplied. 

On a 800mm x 230mm Frame

Meanwell Driver with Dimmer

Power Draw at the Wall 200 watts, equivalent to 300 watt output.

Full Spectrum. White Light.