Flairform Vegetative Bundle

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A Flairform Nutrient and additive bundle designed to provide the best start for your plants

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Bundle includes:


1 x GreenDream Grow 946ml (1 Qrt) Flairform

GreenDream uses "slurry" technology to provide a superior nutrient formulation, providing both part A and part B in one bottle.

  • Superior balance and concentration compared to 2 part nutrients. This helps ensure more aggressive growth and prolific flowering.
  • Simple to use
  • Greater pH stability
  • Fewer plumbing bloackages

 GreenDream is a universal formulation for hard or soft water in hydroponics, coco or soil.

 Apply during the vegetative phase.

1 x Roots 250ml Flairform

Roots promotes vigorous root growth for maximizing crop speed and helping prevent transplant stress. For use throughout all stages.

Root feed: use from seed to harvest. Add to existing nutrient solution at 1.5ml/1L then stir well. Use this solution for every watering. Do not use with Pythoff or hydrogen peroxide.

Foliar spray for cuttings and seedlings. Mix with soft water (e.g. rain or distilled water) at 4ml/1L. Spray 1-3 times per day.

NPK 0.3-1-2

1 x Grostorm 250ml Flairform

Made from marine extracts, Flairform Grostorm is an additive designed to be used from seed right through to harvest. Grostorm provides the grower with organic compounds essential for vigorous growth and to maintain plant health.

Suitable for all mediums (soil, coco and hydroponic), Growstrom is used at a rate of 0.5ml to 1ml per litre of water.

 N-P-K 0-0.02-0.50