Autopot Hydrotray Double Extension

Add extra hydrotrays to your AutoPot system. 

$60.00 (inc GST)


The Smart-valve is the heart of AutoPot Systems. It differs from a conventional ball cock float valve because it allows total reduction of the fluid level before it refills. 

When connected to a water supply (either from a gravity tank, pressure-reduced mains or a water pump) the Smart-valve opens to allow water to flow and fill the bottom of the growing container to a pre-determined depth (approx 30mm). The valve then closes shutting off the water supply from the tank. Once the water has been used and the tray is dry the valve re-opens and allows another supply of water to enter the hydrotray. 

Mulch mats can be purchased separately as an option for this AutoPot. These are designed to fit over the top of the pot to reduce evaporation, prevent algae growth and reduce pests which like to lay on wet media. 

The GAP between the Pots is approximately 70mm (7cm).

Comes with

2 x 20cm (7L) Pot

1 x Twin Hydrotray with Smart Valve

1 x 1m of 4mm tubing

1 x 4mm tee

1 x 13mm to 4mm reducing tee

2 x Matrix root control mat