Cultiv8 600 Watt HPS Premium Digital Ballast

Cultiv8 600 Watt HPS Premium Digital Ballast | Ballasts | Digital Ballasts | 600 Watt



Dimmable range of 250, 400, 600 and 600+ Watts. Must use a 600w bulb with these dimming functions.

$250.00 (inc GST)




Only use 600W bulbs with CultiV8 digital ballasts.

Dimming and Super Option - CultiV8 digital ballast have a dimmer switch to control output (both lumens and heat) of lamp depending on grow cycle and ambient temp. You can boost the power when required by using super boost control driving lamp output beyond 600W or reduce the output to 400W or 250W when heat or too lower power usage.



Fan Less and Sealed - The CultiV8 digital ballast is fan less with no moving parts and is sealed to avoid dust, dirt or bugs getting inside.

Wide Voltage Range - CultiV8 digital ballasts operates on a wide voltage range giving the same lumen output even if the input voltage varies.

Soft Start - CultiV8 digital ballasts have a soft start feature which protects lamp and avoids current surge which can cause voltage drop and tripping of main breaker when multiple ballasts are switched at the same time.

Random Start - Random start feature which switches multiple ballast with time delay of a few seconds on random basis.

Protections - Features various protections against short circuit, open circuit, ignition failure, overheating to make it safe to operate.