Powerlux 1000 Watt Digital Ballast & Bulb Combo

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1000 watt Digital Ballast & Bulb Combo special. While stocks last!


A dimmable fan-cooled 1000 Watt digital ballast and 1000 watt H.P.S Bulb

This Ballast works perfectly with the Horticultural 1000w bulb.

NOTE: This Ballast does NOT operate efficiently with other 1000w bulbs. E.G. Solarmax, Sunmaster

Pack content

1 x Horticultural 1000 Watt HPS Bulb

An economical 1000 Watt HPS bulb developed to provide optimum spectral energy levels and promote vigorous and healthy plants for indoor horticulture.

Can be used throughout all stages of a plant's growth.


Compatible with electronic ballasts.

12 month warranty.

1 x Powerlux 1000 Watt Digital Ballast

4 dimming levels 600W, 750W, 1000W, 1000W Super Lumens


Only use 1000 Watt Horticulural HPS bulbs with this ballast. You can dim this 1000 Watt bulb down to 750 Watts or even 600 Watts. Also has a super lumens option. 

Will not strike Solarmax bulbs.


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