36 Watt LED Grow Spotlight

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Convert a household light fitting into a Grow Light.

$59.00 (inc GST)


This LED grow light has a Standard Household Screw fitting / Lamp Socket (E27). This enables the conversion of a standard ceiling light fitting in to a grow light. These LED lights can also be used on household lamps, such as a bedside table lamp - turning them in to a "spotlight" that can be used to focus light on to a particular plant/area of a plant. This can be beneficial for boosting flower/fruit development in certain areas of the plant, and also for providing extra light to household plants. E.g. Orchids.

12 LED Chips (Blue: 2 pcs;Red:10) - making it suitable for all stages of plant growth i.e. cuttings/seedling, vegetation, as well as flowering and fruiting.

Wavelength = 470nm Blue, 630nm and 660nm Red.

E27 Standard Household Screw fitting / Lamp Socket.

LED Bulb only supplied.