150mm The Hood Air Cooled Shade

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Economical air cooled shade with built in lamp set.

Suitable for bulbs up to 1000 Watts.

$165.00 (inc GST)


Please note: Our current stock of this model is white on the outside.

This fan cooled shade has a sliding tempered glass panel that entraps the heat given off by the bulb and gives you easy access to your bulb. This  "entrapped " heat can then be vented outside with the help of an attached fan thus removing a lot of heat from your growing environment. The polished, dimpled, aluminium, internal shade lining  is an excellent light reflector reducing hot spots within your growing area. The measurements of the shade are 540mm wide x 600mm long x 230mm deep.


You can link several air cooled shades together with ducting and use one fan to exhaust the hot air. You may need a centrifugal fan if exhausting more than 2 shades. You can also use your filter fan (if you are using one) and re-direct the air flow through the air cooled shade  and then outside. This saves having to buy another fan.  We recommend you use solid aluminium ducting and tape with these shades as a safety feature.  If you have a fan failure plastic ducting can melt.


Air cooled shades will cool your growing area by removing most of the bulb heat from the growing area and also allow your plants to grow closer to the light.

I can touch an air cooled shade with a 600 Watt bulb and fan running and the glass is rather hot, but not burning hot. Your plants, however, may still be singed if they touch the glass panel.

If you source the air from outside the growing area then there is no need for a filter as this clean air carries no pollutants. You can exhaust this clean air anywhere away from your growing area. It will be hot, however, so you don't want it going into your growing area unless the room needs some extra heating.

Actual product may differ in colour from image shown.