Cyco Bloom A&B 1L

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Premium 2-Part nutrient for use in flowering.

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Cyco Bloom A and B gives support to a plants natural growth by supplying a range of primary, secondary and micro nutrients, which are needed to give a plant the best possible start in flower development and aids in fighting environmental stresses and enhancing vigor.

Nutrients found in Bloom A and Bloom B are balanced, highly bioavailable, and easily absorbed and utilized. Bloom A & B contain potassium, magnesium, phosphate, calcium, and other elements all needed to aid in the flower development cycle. The potassium aids in fruit quality and calcium provides for normal transport and retention of other elements.Magnesium helps to activate many plant enzymes needed for growth.

Every element in Bloom A & B plays a role in helping to produce the best quality fruit or flower. Cyco produce these superior quality nutirents through their industry leading 1-Micron Filtration Process.

Cyco state that when manufacturing the Bloom A part, they do not use preservatives or coloring. This enables the product to be manufactured using all pharmaceutical grade inputs. You may observe the color vary from green to a tea color as the product matures, this has no impact on the product and is purely cosmetic.

These nutrients can be used with any growing medium.


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