Cyco Dr. Repair 1L

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Helps prevent yellowing and reduces stress.

$60.00 (inc GST)


Cyco Dr. Repair is used throughout the vegetative and flowering periods of plant growth to prevent chlorosis (yellowing of leaves/stems) and to help remedy the effect of environmental stress on the plant - such as heat or lack of water.


Dr. Repair contains urea based nitrogen which is fast acting and helps infuse the plant with minerals that are already present to replace missing chlorophyll moecules and repair chlorosis or lack of chlorophyll. Nitrogen is also key in the formation of amino acids and physical cell structure, helping to maintain the plant's integrity in times of stress. Dr. Repair also contains a highly available form of Iron which in combination with the urea nitrogen helps quickly correct the effects of yellowing.


Use at 1ml per litre of water throughout both vegetation and flowering for optimal results.


For use in all stages of plant growth.

Best used in conjuction with Cyco nutrients.


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