2ft Fluroglow Twin Light Unit - 18w

2ft Fluroglow Twin Light Unit - 18w | Propagation | Flourescent Bulbs & Fittings | Fluorescent bulbs and fittings | Propagation Lights

2 x 18 Watts

$119.00 (inc GST)


24 inch double fluorescent light hood, with 1 x 18 Watt sunlight tube and a 1 x 18 Watt Tropical tube.

Sit on top of a propagation unit to provide growing light for cuttings and seeds. 

Suitable for a large or a small propagation units or for aquariums.

Splash guard and reflector ensures all light is reflected onto the plants or aquarium.  Sleek light-weight aluminium body.

Utilizes 2 x 18 Watt bulbs.