CFL 250W Flower Bulb 2700K (red)

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Flowering fluorescent light.

On sale!
$65.00 (inc GST)

$125.00 (inc GST)

BU39 - Comes with adaptor

Adaptor plug supplied.

Emits a warm white light which is excellent for flower development (more red in spectrum).  Can be used as a supplemental light or by itself. 


Requires a Giant Edison screw lamp set (same as the standard HID lights, our product code BA05). Most Giant Edison lamp set have a round earth pin, when you purchase this light by itself we supply a plug adaptor so you can connect the lamp set into the wall socket as this light does not need a ballast.


Do not handle the glass as it is quite delicate.  Screw in using the ceramic base only.

Lenght:360mm end to end

Width: 120mm

6 month warranty.