Autopot Hanging Basket

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The Original Autopot system designed by the inventor of the Smart valve, Jim Fah.

Self watering hanging basket

$60.00 (inc GST)


AutoPot Hanging Baskets operate with zero run-off, making them an ideal solution for hanging plants in places where traditional hand watering is not practical. All you have to do is connect them up to a low pressure water supply or have a nutrient tank raised to the same height as your smart valve and watch your plants grow.
  • No hand watering or feeding - let the Smart-valve release nutrient solution to the plants when they need it.
  • No run-off.
  • Can be left unattended for weeks - it means you can go on long vacation without worrying about your plants.
  • Grows exceptionally beautiful plants as they get what they need, when they need it.


We recommend Canna Coco or Cyco Coco/Perlite as your ideal growing medium as they are very good at drawing the water up to your plants' roots. Coupled with Power Grow and Power Bud as your base nutrients which will give you an excellent growing foundation. Available for purchase separately.