400 Watt H.P.S Kitset - Premium Shade Upgrade

400 Watt H.P.S Kitset - Premium Shade Upgrade | Lighting Kits | Magnetic Lighting Kits | H.P.S. Lighting Kitsets | 400 Watt | All HPS Kits

Pack content

1 x SolarMax 400 Watt H.P.S. Bulb


German made high quality H.P.S. bulb.

1 x J.B. Lighting 400 Watt H.P.S. Ballast

A top quality 400 Watt H.P.S. magnetic ballast.

1 x Lamp Holder

Round earth pin lamp holder with a 4 metre cord.

1 x Shade Silver Premium 900mm x 800mm

This shade is made with dimpled aluminium which helps in reducing hot spots in your growing area by reflecting the light in random directions. Non-dimpled shades can often act as a mirror, reflecting light in the same downward direction creating hot spots.

Made in New Zealand

$272.00 (inc GST)

instead of $302.00