Nulife Mega Yield Gold 1L

Nulife Mega Yield Gold 1L | Nutrients | Nutrient Additives | Nulife

Vitamin tonic and growth enhancer.

$45.00 (inc GST)


When plants go in to their flowering phase, they slow down their metabolic rate and produce less of the vital compounds needed for a healthy plant. This is because the plant is putting all of it's energy in to flowering and directs energy from other parts of the plant to accomplish this. This effect often leads to a plant showing signs of leaf discolouration and also using a lot more water/nutrients, an effect all too often seen in Tomato plants. This can have a negative effect on your yield.

Nulife Mega Yield Gold provides a powerful mixture of vitamins, minerals, plant hormones and plant extracts that are designed to combat this affect and also to boost plant growth rates.

This product can be used all the way through your plant's life to ensure it remains healthy.


Use throughout the plant's life at 1 ml per litre of water along with your regular nutrients. 

Use with Mega Yield and Weight Plus in the flowering phase to futher improve your results.