Nutrifield Root Nectar 250ml

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Root Nectar is a plant bio-stimulator that induces increased root growth rapidly with extensive branching and fine hairs creating more surface area for greater nutrient absorption.

Root Nectar breaks down complex compounds so plants have more readily available nutrients to optimise their growth.


$25.00 (inc GST)


Use at the following rates:


Cuttings/seedlings         0.5 ml per litre

Transplants                    1    ml per litre

Vegetative growth            1    ml per litre

Pre-bloom                       1    ml per litre

Bloom                             0.5  ml per litre

Late Bloom/Flowering       0.5  ml per litre

As a foliar spray               1    ml per litre

Can be used in soil , coco or hydroponic


Use with Veg Ignitor for even better results.