Mr Fothergill's Hydrogarden all-in-one grow kit

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Hydrogarden Grow kit

Fresh Herbs & Vegetables at your fingertips year round.

On sale!
$65.00 (inc GST)


The HydroGarden contains everything you need to grow delicious fresh foods and beautiful flowers right in the convenience of your own home. Growing your own has never been this easy with the HydroGarden providing the right amount of light, water and nutrients for you to enjoy a bountiful harvest. Simply plug in, add water, sow seeds and let HydroGarden take care of the rest!

Included in the Kit:

Hygarden unit with 2 growing pots

growing medium (vermiculite)

7.5 watt  LED grow light (with mains power adapter)

2 starter packs of Basil and Coriander seeds

2 starter sachets of plant food (Seasol® and Powerfeed®)

Available at New Lynn store only