16" Bowl trimmer

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Makes the big jobs easy

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400mm bowl tumble trimmer




  • Help trim your protruding roots and leaves
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotating
  • manual manipulation
  • compact design
  • lightweight & easy to carry
  • safety and no flower damage
  • Stainless steel build
  • Includes small secateurs

  • -A manual trimming machine designed to produce finely groomed herbs and flowers with precision.
  • -Quickly and effortlessly process high volumes of plant material using hand-cranked rubber fingers.
  • -Includes a quadruple-edged straight blade for wet trimming and a serrated blade for dry trimming.
  • -Non-stick bowl collects trim for easier processing, secured in place with included rubber padding.
  • -Stainless steel blades and bowl with food-grade silicone fingers are easy to clean with a damp towel.

This bowl trimmer is built with a removable hand crank that turns the rubber fingers to quickly process high volumes of flowers. Interchangeable straight-edge and serrated blades are included to perform wet and dry trimming, respectively. The leaf trimmer bowl has a non-stick surface and collects the trim from your plants to facilitate your processing. This non-stick and stainless steel construction makes the bowl and the blades easy to clean, with the rubber fingers’ food-grade silicone make-up also easy to clean.

The rotating blades also produce trim that can be used for other applications like potpourri, essential oils, and aromatherapy.