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Hi, I'm Keith Millar. I established Easy Grow in 1991 when hydroponic gardening and the use of indoor lighting was just getting started in New Zealand.


For over 20 years I have helped people looking to further their gardening knowledge. I aim to provide the best quality products at the least cost to you.


We are an independent company that has grown to a position where we can now import most of our goods, we constantly seek out new and innovative products.


You can place your order on our website either by using a guest account or creating one for yourself. Also you can visit one of our two shops in Auckland. You can always call to make sure what you need is in stock before you travel.


I am available Monday to Friday for advice or to solve a problem, feel free to phone me or my staff if you have any questions on (09) 827 0883 or visit me at our New Lynn store. Thank you and all the best for your next gardening adventure.


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