Why should I trust you?   Easy Grow has been built on trust. We have been in business since 1991. I, personally , have been on the shop floor since 1991 ... still am...and take great pleasure in greeting people that I have known for years.  My sons now have a great say in  running things. All of my staff from your initial contact to packers are trusted completely by me. I vouch for them.

Do you accept overseas issued credit cards? No, we only accept N.Z. issued credit cards.

Are my details kept private? Yes. We do not release your details to anyone. We won't contact you unless we have to and we don't have a newsletter. I can't stand buying something online only to be bombarded with "buy more" emails. You won't get that from us. Can't be bothered frankly. I'm happy to sell to you ...or's your choice after all.

Why should I buy from you? I have no answer to that. To me it dosen't really matter, it is all a personal choice. You must do what is best for you. If we can help you then we will but it always remains up to you...


We will put your phone number on the address label. If you don't want this to happen please tell us.

This makes it easier for the courrier to contact you if there is a delivery problem. If they need to contact us for your number then this could result in a delivery delay.

Am I RURAL delivery? Please check with the address link that we gave you on the adress menu. If you are rural delivery and you don't select rural meaning  we have to  ask for extra charges then delivery will be delayed. Check now on the link below.

Make sure your delivery address is correct. Please....

How is my order packed?  Plain wrapping or in a carton with only the delivery details visible. We are aware that the contents are valuable and we don't want your order stolen. Also it may be a gift and we don't want to spoil your surprise.


What happens if there is damage in transit? You are covered by insurance and you should  sign for the order "S.T.I." which means Subject To Inspection and this covers you for any unseen damage. You should always do this for all courier deliveries from whomever. Please contact us within 7 days if your order is damaged.We have a fixed deadline to lodge a claim with our couriers.

We wrap everything very carefully in order to prevent transit damage but this still occasionally happens.

How about if I don't receive it? When we dispatch your order, we send you an email with the tracking details & expected delivery time. If it seems to be taking too long you can directly track your order through the courier's website (a link is provided) or contact us and we will find out where your order is. Once again, you are fully insured and are covered for any loss.

Do I need to sign for delivery?  No, but if you don't you will not be covered for any loss or damage. You need to leave a message with your order oulining that. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE COVERED FOR DAMAGE OR LOSS if you give authority to leave.

You can also ask for the order to be held "care of the local depot" for you to pick up at your convenience. We will put your contact phone number on the carton so they can ring you when it arrives. You are covered by insurance in this way. Just put that on your delivery details.

Does someone need to sign for the delivey?   Yes. If no signature is obtained, your order will go back to the depot and you will be left a "calling card" notifying you of non delivery. You will then need to contact the courier to arrange delivery. Unless you give written "authority to leave" the courier MUST obtain a signature for the delivery.

I have done a large order & the shipping cost comes up as zero. Does this mean Free Freight?

Not always. Our system can't calculate freight for large orders. Shipping may appear as zero on your invoice but this does not mean free freight.You will then get an email saying we will contact you for freight charges.

We will work out the exact freight cost & notify you. You can cancel the order if you feel the freight is more than you expected.

Often we will send large orders freight free depending on what the order is and where it is going, again we will notify you of that.

What if the received product is not what I want. Can I return it?

Yes, provided you contact us first and return the product within seven days of  receiving it and it is in asn as new condiytion.. Please return it in the original packaging and in an "as new" condition. We can't accept nutrients back unless they are in a container with an unbroken security seal. You will be responsible for the return freight as well as the freight cost of the products being sent to you.