IntroGro 600W Digital Ballast

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Out of stock...due mid December

Dimmable range of 250, 400, 600, and 600+ Watts

$110.00 (inc GST)


The new IntroGro 600W Digital Ballast is designed to get you growing.

  • Dimmable and Boostable
    • 250 watt, 400 watts, 600 watts, and Boost settings
  • Enlarged cooling fins
  • Built-in safety features and protections
  • Fully sealed components
  • ESS and RCM certification
Suitable for HPS and MH lamps. DO NOT dim or supercharge the MH conversion bulb. This may cause damage to the bulb. It can only run on the same setting as the bulb itself.

One year warranty.

Rated Vin: iMax 3.0A
Protection: Interior fuse, strike failure, thermal
Power out: 250W - 660W
Frequency: 60KHz
Working temperature range: -30°C/ +50°C
Maximum case temperature: 80°C