Nutrifield Coco A+B 40L (2x20L)

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A two-part nutrient formulated for use in coco growing substances. 

Nutrifield is highly regarded by growers and is one of our top-selling brands; both nutrients and additives. We have been selling Nutrifield for 3-4 years and can attest to its great performance.


$380.00 (inc GST)


A two-part nutrient for both vegetative and flowering stages, when growing in coco subtrate.

Nutrifield Coco contains all the essential macro and micro nutrients required for vigorous, spontaneous growth.

Nutrifield Coco also contains humic and fulvic acids, benefical for nutrient uptake. Also contains suspended silica to insulate against wilting and drought. 

Only pharmaceutical grade mineral salts used.

Very concentrated.


For best results, use with the complete range of Nutrifield Additives:

Use at 1.5 - 2.5 mls per litre in the vegetative phase, and at 3 - 3.5 mls per litre in the flowering phase.

N-P-K= 1-4-2

(N-P-K is a representation of 3 major elements in a nutrient from the composition by weight. N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphorous, K = Potassium)