+IME-R Digital Timer

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30 Amp Digital timer for horticultural lights.

$55.00 (inc GST)


With a 30 amp heavy duty internal relay switch you can safely put up to 1440W. Therefore this timer can handle 1 x 1000W light or even 2 x 600W lights. It is still strongly recommended though to have only one HID light on a timer at the same time.


  • Large LCD Display
  • Green Back Light
  • Minimum one second intervals
  • 30A Heavy Duty Relay
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Intelligent button design
  • 12/24 hrs operation
  • Beep buttons option


The Timer-R digital timer has an easy to use cross button for programming. This is just scratching the surface as the Time-R has many features never before seen on a timer…. until now.

 The Time-R operates like a normal timer but has a multitude of other options for controlled switching that go  down to  one second intervals if needed. If you want to run a fan or pump with different settings at night, or at particular times throughout the day, the Time-R has you covered.


Timed Mode:
Set precise on and off times, up to 15 times a day

Repeat Mode:
Turn your equipment on and off, repeating at regular set intervals, min. from 1 sec and up to 99 hrs

Combined Mode:
Using this mode allows you to run your equipment on and off repeatedly at set intervals throughout a 24-hour period. Maximum 3 group settings