Can-Fan EC Digital Controller

Can-Fan EC Digital Controller | Environment | 250mm Fans | 300mm Fans

EC Controller Temperature + speed

$350.00 (inc GST)


The Can-Fan EC Fan controller regulates the speed of fans to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions within the grow room.


Controls Temperature and Humidity

 The sensor monitors the current temperature and humidity levels within the growing room, and gradually increases the fan speed until levels are achieved.


Controls intake and exhaust fans

The two ports on the controller allow intake and exhaust fans to be treated differently.

Constant negative air pressure

 The intake and exhaust fans can be programmed to maintain a negative air pressure within the grow room.


Day-Time / Night-Time settings

Separate settings for day and night can be programmed.


Can-Fan EC Fans

This controller will only work with the Can-Fan Q-Max EC range of fans and the Satellite Controller.

LCD Display

Easy to read, easy to use design


Minimum and Maximum Fan Speeds

It is very important to set the correct minimum fan speed, so fans do not burn out from too low a setting.