200mm Max Fan Pro Series

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1218m³/h airflow on high speed.

German made fan. The Max Fan Pro Series 2 Speed Fan is a cross between a mixed flow and a centrifugal fan. They are designed  for high pressure situations such as  required in hydroponics by carbon filters and long run ducting.


$380.00 (inc GST)


The compact aerodynamic design creates smooth, straight airflow and quiet operation while delivering maximum airflow under high static pressure.

The twin front and rear blade design enables the Max Fan to reverse a good amount of the noise that usually travels with the airflow back into the carbon filter.

Thermal cutout protection.

Long life bearings.

More powerful & completely new design.

Tough polymer casing.

Twin speed.

Low speed air flow 793 m3/hr.

High speed air flow 1218 m3/hr.

117 watts

0.6 amps