Iso-Max 250mm Silencer Fan

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1480m3/hr airflow.

A German-made whisper-quiet fan perfect for use as an exhaust fan attached to a carbon filter.

675mm long x 310mm in diameter.

$740.00 (inc GST)


This Silencer Fan is a high powered fan housed within a silencer to help suppress any unwanted noise.  This unit also saves space in your area by coupling both the fan and silencer in one package.

The Iso-Max's high quality motor runs whisper quiet while exhausting up to 1480 m3/hr of air out through a 250mm duct.

The Iso-Max Silencer Fan is a totally unique diagonal tube fan, designed to be efficient, powerful and silent. 


Single speed.


Can only be used with a transfromer based speed control and the unit will be damaged if you use with any other type of speed controller. $495.00 for speed controller




Airflow - 1480m3/hr


Noise level - 52db


Current - 0.9 amps


Power consumption - 160 watts


Weight - 10.14kg