Iso-Max 150mm 3 Speed Silencer Fan

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410m³/h airflow at high speed.

Whisper quiet 3 speed silencer fan. German made.

675mm long x 230mm in diameter






$585.00 (inc GST)


This Silencer Fan is a high powered fan housed within a silencer to help suppress any unwanted noise.  This  unit also saves space in your area by coupling both the fan and silencer in one package.

The Iso-Max's high quality motor runs whisper quiet while exhausting up to 410 m³/h of air out through a 150mm duct.

The Iso-Max 3 speed Silencer Fan is a totally unique diagonal tube fan, designed to be efficient, powerful and silent. With a Swiss engineered motor and built in three step fan speed controller, this fan runs very quietly.

You can further reduce any noise by using Insulated / Acoustic ducting in conjunction with this unit.

Air Flow at each speed setting 310, 360 & 410 m³/h

Max Watts 51

Max dBA 60

The Iso-Max Silencer fan has 2 propellors, 1 rotor & 1 Stator. This enables the fan to produce a uniform flow of air which makes less contact with the ducting leading to less pressure fall and therefore greater efficiency.

Built inside a solid metal housing, insulated with special noise reducing foam and a low weight design makes this fan perfect for any serious indoor gardener.

Iso-Max 3 Speed Silencer Fan Features:

  • Efficient Swiss engineered energy saving motor
  • Integrated silencing technology delivers extremely low noise levels
  • Excellent build quality - the Rolls Royce of duct fans
  • Speed control with 3 step switch attached to the fan
  • Reliable and hassle free. Maintanence is rarely an issue
  • Thermal Switch for over heating protection
  • Easy to hang with mounting brackets on the top of the fan


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