GreenDream-1 5L Flairform New Formula

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New Formula!   Grow and bloom in the one bottle.  Hydroponic 1-part nutrient. No longer a slurry so little shaking required.


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GreenDream -1 (improved formula 2021) is a homogeneous 1-part base nutrient that provides vigorous growth from seed to harvest.

 GreenDream-1 is ideal for commercial cropping in hydroponics, coco and soil:

  • GreenDream-1 is a single-bottle that runs from seed to harvest. This is ideal for larger grows and simplifies inventory management.  Use of PK additives during flower will offset the need for a separate grow and bloom nutrient. 
  • Is completely soluble, runs extremely clean and has exceptional long-term stability. It is also capable of handling very hard and salty waters without unwanted issues such as blocked filters and drippers.
  • Does not require shaking and is compatible with auto dosing equipment such as Dosatrons.
  • Has greater pH stability than most 2-parts and can tolerate higher pH levels than regular base nutrient formulations.
  • Formulated from high purity mineral salts and chelated trace elements such as iron-DTPA.
  • Available in 1L, 20L.
  • Dose rate 3-5ml/L (11-19ml/Gal)
  • Technical: Click here to view product labels, feed charts, brochures and MSDS