Green Planet Dual fuel Starter Pack

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Simple and easy-to-use 2-part base nutrient that can be tailored to the demands of your grow

$150.00 (inc GST)


Green Planet Nutrients were developed and thoroughly trialed in thousands in thousands of North American licensed cultivation facilities. These real-world trials form the basis of an unrivaled nutrient feeding program. this pack contains enough nutrient to make 1000 litres of plant food. Enough to effectively test the product range.

Dual Fuel 1 + 2    2 x 1 litre bottles

Dual Fuel is the simplest and most effective 2-part nutrient system on the market. Used in a 1:1 ratio throughout all grow cycles.

It’s easy to use for the absolute beginner and yet has been formulated to meet the complex needs of the professional grower.

Rezin   1 x 1 litre bottle

Rezin is a new product from Green Planet Nutrients that contains a combination of acids created through a complex fermentation process. It’s designed to enhance flavor and aromas.

Rezin will not affect your PPM. This means that you can run it with any nutrient program at full strength.

Massive    1 x 1 litre bottle

Massive Bloom Formulation is an all-natural bloom booster that utilizes bee waste including honeycomb to amplify a plant’s natural growth processes.

Massive will supercharge your flowers, making them bigger and denser through our unique blend of naturally derived nutrient components. This is an organic product as well.



  • [2] x Dual Fuel A&B Set 1L
  • [1] x Massive Bloom 1L
  • [1] x Rezin 1L

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