Large Flexible Heat Pad Cultiv8

Large Flexible Heat Pad Cultiv8 | Propagation | Humidity Domes and Heat Pads | Heat Pads

350 x 650mm 35watts

Free Digital thermometer  and clear use instructions included.

Pack content

1 x Aqua One Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometer

$75.00 (inc GST)

instead of $15.00


Double insulated flexible heat mat designed for raising seedlings and rooting cuttings.

Root zone temp will vary depending on the surface you place the heat pad on and the ambient temperature. To lower the temperature, use the neoprene blocks provided between the tray and the heat pad to allow airflow between the two. 


Comes with a free digital thermometer ($15 value),so you can monitor the internal heat of your propagator. We have found that if you don't use a thermometer then there is a high chance of crop failure.



The temperature should be 19c - 24c for tomatoes, tobacco and most other plants but if you are raising hot chilli seeds then they like 30 c. If too hot, place a spacer between the pad and your tray, to obtain the desired temperature.Don't cover the heat pad entirely as the heat must be allowed to diffuse.




A thermostat Controller can used for peace of mind and ease of use.




NOTE: Heat Pad should not be used in the following ways:




  1. Do not crease or fold
  2. Do not rip or split
  3. Should not be completely covered with insulation or padding
  4. Do not submerge in water




It is recommended the Heat Pad be used in conjuction with a Residual Current Device (RCD)