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Autopot Easy2Grow System

Autopot Easy2Grow System | Hydroponic Systems  | Autopot Systems

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A user-friendly passive hydroponic system.

Utilises Nature's own forces to make growing easy.


Highly recommend for growers young and old.

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This easy-to-use system incorporates a smart valve which distrubutes water and nutrients from a 47 litre tank to your plants, dependant on their needs.The smart valve sits in a chamber between the two pots, releasing water and nutrients to your plants from below. This allows a small amount of water to flow into the base of the pot and then shuts off until the water is used. By waiting until the water is used up,air is allowed to move through the root zone and this helps prevent waterlogging.

You can grow hydroponically using pumice, clay balls, etc.with a hydroponic food or use potting mix as you would in a standard pot and feed accordingly. It is recommended to use coarse pumice in the bottom of the pots for extra drainage.

Has two 8 litre pots included and all necessary tubing to set up. You will need growing medium and plant food to complete your planting.

Has holes in the tops of the pot stand where you can insert bamboo stakes for support of larger plants. A great system, with  thoroughly thought out design.

This system has no electrical parts, no pump and requires very little maintenance. All the grower has to do is ensure that there is enough water/nutrients in the reservoir and the Autopot's smart valve does everything else for you!


The GAP between the Pots is approximately 60mm (6cm).

Important Note: UK Autopots have upgraded their tubing and connections to 6mm








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