Autopot 4 pot module UK


An automatic watering system 


$250.00 (inc GST)


 Important Note: UK Autopots have upgraded their tubing and connections to 6mm


An automatic 4 x 15 litre pot hydroponic system with 47 litre reservoir. Contains all plumbing required.

The Autopot system allows you to automatically water and feed your plants without timers, electricity or mains pressure water.  As long as the bottom of the  reservoir is above the pots then gravity will allow the water to flow into the pot's base.  There's an Aquavalve that lets a set amount of water into the pot base and then shuts off until all of the water is used.  Then it will re-open and re-charge the water level givng you a wet / dry cycle.

Can be used in multiple arrangements and is easily extended with the addition of extra 1 pot add-on packs.

The only limit to adding new pots onto your existing Autopot system is the size of your resevoir. If you are looking at adding 10+ pots, or your water supply is running out fast, you should take a look at these flexitanks