Aqua Clay Balls 8mm-16mm( LECA ) 45L Canna

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Hydroponic Clay Balls from Canna.

Made in Holland.

Also known as LECA which is an acronym which stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

$55.00 (inc GST)


Canna Aqua clay balls are designed as a hydroponic medium. They allow for great root penetration and aeration. One of the most popular hydroponic mediums, Canna Clay Balls are the perfect medium for use in hydroponic wicks and pots.

Clay Balls are also great for using in the base of a pot, when growing in soil or coco, as they provide excellent drainage and aeration. They can also be used to provide greater aeration in heavier potting mixes.

Canna Clay Balls are the highest quality hydroponic clay balls available and they have been a very popular hydroponic medium for years.