Flood & Drain Tray 1m x 1m x 150mm

Flood & Drain Tray 1m x 1m x 150mm | Trays Saucers | Hydroponic Gear | Pots, Trays & Planter Bags  | Large Trays

Rotationally moulded, strong tray.

1000 mm x 1000 mm x 150 mm.

$100.00 (inc GST)


A strong, rotationally moulded tray that can be used as a flood and drain tray or as a tray to carry lots of small pots.

A perfect size for all tents as multiple trays can be implemented for different size tents. 

Can also be used as a reservoir for bottom feeding of plants, allowing for greater time between waterings. If used in this way, the plants must have a bottom layer of pumice in the pots higher than the trays water level. 

This means that even if the plants are sitting in water they will not be waterlogged.