Flood & Drain Tray 1m x 1m x 150mm

Flood & Drain Tray 1m x 1m x 150mm | Trays Saucers | Hydroponic Systems  | Pots, Trays & Planter Bags  | Large Trays

1000 mm x 1000 mm x 150 mm. Made from polyethelene

$108.00 (inc GST)


A strong, rotationally molded tray that can be used as a flood and drain tray or as a tray to carry lots of small pots.

Perfect size for all tents as multiple trays can be implemented for different size tents. 

Can also be used as a reservoir for bottom-feeding of plants, allowing for the greater time between waterings. If used in this way, the plants must have a bottom layer of pumice in the pots higher than the tray's water level. 

This means that even if the plants are sitting in water they will not be waterlogged.

The tray is slightly tapered inwards.


Internal 920mm x 920mm x120mm

External 1005mm x 10005mm x 150mm

Approximate freight costs nationwide (non rural):

Auckland & outer regions $15

Whangarei to Auckland. Auckland to Rotorua $30

Rest of North Island  $50

South Island  $80