Treegers 420W LED

Suitable for a 1.2m2 growing area. High-quality, LED light suitable for all stages of plant growth.

$875.00 (inc GST)


Dimmable. NOTE:  Dimmer sold separately $35  Easy Grow Code LE44 not in stock yet but ETA 14/06/24

This compact powerhouse has outstanding uniformity and fixture efficacy. Experience unparalleled plant growth with our IP66-rated, full-spectrum GL420W LED grow light. Perfect for an area of up to 1.2 x 1.2m

Technology & Design
Innovative and revolutionary multi-linear plug-and-play design four-bar LED. Quality, high-performance LED diodes with industry-leading LED drivers, provide the ultimate in performance and reliability. High-grade heat sinks and optimal passive cooling throughout fixtures, ensure the extended lifespan of all components, preventing premature diode decay.

Usable Photon Efficacy
Very high light output of 825 μmol/s PPF with fixture efficacy of up to 2.8 μmol/J, utilizing diodes with an efficacy of up to 4.2 μmol/J. Treegers LED fixture technology offers remarkable usable efficacy across each point of the light footprint/coverage area.

By using a combination of strategically placed LED diodes and optional optical lenses, our unique hybrid designs provide market-leading uniformity, distributing light evenly across the whole canopy/coverage area.

IP66 & Smooth Resin Coating
Treegers LED fixtures are rated at IP66. This means full protection against high-pressure water jets (12.5mm) and total dust ingress. Utilizing innovative silicone resin protection on all diodes and watertight connections on all cables. Our unique coating, besides providing optimal protection for all LED bars, also ensures a smooth surface, with reduced stickiness making it very easy to clean.

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