600 Watt HPS Kitset Special

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This is a permanent special which we will try to hold at this price for as long as possible.

Pack content

1 x GrowLush 600 Watt HPS Magnetic Ballast

600 Watt HPS magnetic ballast.

1 x Gullwing Shade 620mm x 590mm with lampset

620mm wide, 590mm long, 180mm high with lampset attached. 

1 x Introgro 600w Bulb


Quality HPS Bulb. Great value!

On sale!
$178.00 (inc GST)

$198.00 (inc GST)

instead of $205.00


This kitset comes with a 12 month guarantee.


1 x Highly polished aluminium dimpled shade 650mm wide x 570mm long x 220mm high ith lampset attached. A good size. Any smaller than this is not recommended.

1 x 600W Horticulure H.P.S. bulb suitable for all stages of plant growth.

1 x 600W Growlush Magnetic HPS ballast.