Lumatek Attis 300w LED

Lumatek Attis 300w LED | LED Grow Lights | Lumatek LED

Suitable for a 1m2 growing area. High quality, dimmable LED light suitable for all stages of plant growth. Designed and engineered in the U.K.

$1,095.00 (inc GST)


Lumatek's 300w Attis LED features top bin LUMLED LEDs with a dimmable driver, allowing the user to cater to every situation, from propagation to flowering and fruiting. This is possible due to the full spectrum this light offers, ensuring that the plants receive the right amount and colour of light for each stage of their life. This is a highly efficient grow light fixture with the 300w model producing 816 µmol/s PPF at 2.7 µmol/J efficacy

The array of LEDs create a uniform spread of light with excellent penetration which helps to avoid hot spots and reduce excessive heat. This LED also features heat sinks, allowing for silent operation. 

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