Canna Compressed Coco Cube

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Give this a go if you are a soil grower. Plants love growing in Coco. You will be rewarded.

Makes 40L when expanded by adding water

$20.00 (inc GST)


High quality coco medium in compressed form makes it great for shipping and is the exact same high quality, washed and buffered medium that Canna is known for.

Consists of two bricks in individual bags ready to add water. Each brick makes 20L and can be broken in half letting you expland only 10L at a time if you wish.

Contains no  nutrients so you need to add these whenever you add water.


Use about 12L of water per bag to fully expand the coco medium. Pouring 1L at a time into the provided hole is the ideal way.

 Link to video from Canna explaining the process,

Freight price guide (excludes rural delivery). Low freight costs allow "out of Auckland" growers access to a great medium.



6 x Cube $2.80


Outside Auckland to Whangerai / Opotiki /Otorohanga

Up to 3 Cube  $5.45    Rural delivery $5.45 extra

 Up to 6 x Cube $5.45  Rural delivery $10.90 extra


Rest of North Island      

3 x Cube  $9.15  Rural delivery $5.45 extra

6  x Cube $13.17  Rural delivery $10.90 extra


South Island       

3 x Cube $12.55  Rural delivery $5.45 extra

6 x Cube $26.55  Rural delivery $10.90 extra