Pumice (Coarse) 7mm-20mm 6L

Pumice (Coarse) 7mm-20mm  6L | Mediums | Hydroponic Mediums | Soil Fertiliser & amendments

Ideal for adding to the bottom of pots for good drainage.

$9.00 (inc GST)


Coarse grade pumice 7-20mm gauge. 

Highly recommended for potting mix, coco medium and other soil-based growing. Can also be mixed through the medium to improve aeration and drainage or added to the bottom of your pots to raise your medium above the water level in your saucers. 

If you have saucers at the bottom of your pot you can keep them filled with water prolonging the period between waterings, provided that your level of pumice in the pot is higher than the top of the saucer. This then forms an air barrier which prevents water-logging, but still allows water to be absorbed by the pumice and to travel up to the roots.