Pumice Fine 1-7mm 25L

Pumice Fine 1-7mm 25L | Mediums | Hydroponic Mediums | Soil Fertiliser & amendments | Soil Borne Pests and Disease

Gnat Nix alternative! Save money! Environmentally friendly Fungus Gnats control

$22.00 (inc GST)


Fine grade pumice for control of Fungus Gnats

  • nontoxic, chemical-free fungus gnat control
  • long-lasting top dressing
  • effective under dry or moist conditions
  • great indoors - outdoors

Used as a top dressing is an effective physical barrier against fungus gnats.

It prevents adult emergence from hatching larvae and deters females from laying eggs in the growing media. As a result, the lifecycle of fungus gnats is interrupted, and its population is significantly reduced.

Simple to use

All you need to do is apply approximately 15- 20mm thick layer to fully cover the surface of the growing medium in your growing containers. Make sure the entire top surfaces of all your growing containers are fully covered at all times. Irrigate gently to avoid disturbing the protective physical barrier.

One bag of approximately covers a 1.0m²  to 1.5m² growing area worth of plants. E.g. 9 x 8.5L pots