Wormrus castings 30L

Wormrus castings 30L | Organic products | Mediums | Potting Mix | Organic Mediums | Soil Fertiliser & amendments

Worms R US  Premium Grade Castings

Super screened to produce a fine/clean product.

$76.00 (inc GST)



Our worm castings give potting mixes and soil a massive boost of biological life when mixed or covered with compost.
Use 1 part castings with 4 - 5 parts soil or potting mix or even try diluting with 10 parts rainwater and mix well. Apply tea around or on foliage or drip zone.


  • Plant superfood – the most obvious advantage of worm casting is its nutrient-packed quality.
  • Neutral level of pH – this controls your soil’s acidic condition.
  • Protection – worm castings extract harmful toxins, bad bacteria, and fungi; at the same time containing good bacteria and beneficial microbes which helps prevent diseases for your plant. 
  • Natural pest repellent – some pests such as scale insects, aphids, spider mites, and the likes do not like the fecal nugget of worms so they avoid it.