Terra Professional Soil 50L Canna

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Permanent price drop from $35 to $30!

High quality Dutch designed soil. Processed in Holland.

Shipped in a black bag in a white sack (or a carton ).


$30.00 (inc GST)


Terra professional is a growing medium or soil substrate that combines several selected high quality types of peat to form an impressive plant growing medium.  It has added Perlite to improve the air - moisture ratio..  Carries the RHP stamp of approval. Has a small amount of fertiliser added, enough for the first couple of weeks and this doesn't interfer with your normal feeding regime.


I have had excellent reports from  long standing customers with this mix. It's expensive but delivers satisfying results..Keith Millar


FREIGHT urban.  Rural delivery extra $5.05




 1 x bag $2.74




Auckland to Whangerai, Opotiki, Otorohonga    


 1 x bag $5.55



Rest of North Island


1 x bag $12.80




South Island      


 1 x bags $26.55



Larger orders are much cheaper. Ask for a freight quote.