Radium 400 Watt MH Conversion Bulb

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A 400 watt Metal Halide Conversion bulb that can run on a 400 watt HPS ballast.

12 months warranty.


$75.00 (inc GST)


The Metal Halide bulb emits more of the blue light spectrum,even though it looks white when operating. This "blue" light is beneficial for great leaf formation and closer inter-nodal spaces (the gap between leaf sets). It makes for a more compact plant.

This bulb runs on both H.P.S ballasts or most M.H. ballasts. Ideal for keeping a mother plant in a vegetative state, raising cuttings, or using throughout the vegetative stage.




  • Metal Halide/Conversion bulbs can sometimes take up to 5 minutes to ignite when run on a HPS (High Pressure Sodium) ballast.


  • Do not be alarmed if the bulb does not ignite immediately, as it may take a couple of minutes.
  • If you are using a digital ballast that can be dimmed DO NOT dim or supercharge  the MH conversion bulb. This may cause damage to the bulb. It can only run on the same setting as the bulb itself.
  • The bulb wattage must match the ballast wattage. For example, only run a 600 watt MH conversion bulb on a 600 watt ballast. You cannot run a 400 watt MH conversion bulb on a 600 watt ballast that is dimmed down to 400 watts.



Colour Temperature 5500K

Lumens 32000


Light hours 15000