Superthrive 480mls

Superthrive 480mls | Nutrients | Nutrient Additives | SuperThrive

Plant tonic and reviver.


Over 50 vitamins available to help plants grow better.

A very similar product with a proven performance has come on the market.

4 times more concentrated and cheaper to purchase.

General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus. Use at 0.25 mls per litre. (5 drops per 2 litres)

$80.00 (inc GST)


Superthrive is used whenever your plants are under stress and helps maintain healthy plants. Superthrive also benefits plants during cloning and at other times when conditions are not ideal. 

Use 10 drops (1 ml) per litre of water with your usual nutrients.


Superthrive is highly useful during cloning when added to the water that you soak your cloning medium in. This increases your chances of having a higher success rate. 

Use in conjuction with a complete cloning hormone as well.


Most people will use Superthrive throughout the plants lifespan to ensure healthy, consistent growth. 

Contains a wide range of plant vitamins.