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Root Blast 1kg

Root Blast 1kg | Nutrients | Nutrient Additives | Soil Fertiliser & amendments

Bigger roots grow bigger plants.

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Rooting fertiser for started cuttings, repotting and transplanting all plants in and around the house. 1/4 teaspoon per plant placed just below the roots of your transplanted cuttings will kickstart them away. 

Sprinkle Root Blast in your medium around the area where roots will initially grow, this will provide immediate nutrients for explosive root growth.

Can be used as a liquid but must be crushed first and then added to water to feed already potted plants without having to disturb them.


N-P-K 2-1-2

(N-P-K is a representation of 3 major elements in a nutrient from the composition by weight. N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphorous, K = Potassium)