Boost Accelerator 1L Canna

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Bloom accelerator additive. It will quicken the harvest time but we have found that if you leave your plants to mature for the normal length of time the yield can be dramatically increased.

Made in Holland.

$170.00 (inc GST)


Canna Boost Accelerator stimulates the frutification of a plant. As a result the harvest will be fuller and denser than normal, as well as the plant maturing faster. 

For example, if your crop normally takes 8 weeks to finish, using Boost Accelerator throughout the flowering period should finish your crop at 6.5 weeks with an improvement in yield.

This gives you an extra harvest per year for minimal extra cost. Canna Boost Accelerator is an expensive product, but it is definately worth it overall.

For use when flowers start to form.


For best results, use 4 ml per litre.