Ozi Tonic 5L

Ozi Tonic 5L | Nutrient Additives | Ozi Tonic and Monsta Bud

Ozi Tonic is a special blend of high quality mineral salts and a range of organic compounds including soluble seaweed, beeswax extract,humic and fulvic acid and plant extracts. Scientifically blended together with pure mountain spring water and increased potassium.

Contians over 80 different organic compounds designed to add flavodoids and essential oils.

$114.00 (inc GST)



For use in last 2 weeks of flowering / fruiting.




  • Promotes growth
  • Provides energy
  • Healthier crop yields
  • Highly organic plant food






 Ideal for use with hydroponic or organic mediums


 Use 10 ml for every 1 Ltr of water initially


Reduce to 5 mls per litre of water in last stage of ripening.


Can be used in conjunction with Monsta bud or your usual nutrient