Nutrifield Veg Ignitor 500ml

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Spontaneous root growth and stem enhancer.

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Nutrifield Veg Ignitor ( formerly NF Zyme)  helps to control cell division within the plant and also stimulates explosive root growth leading to quicker formation of roots and thicker stems.


Veg Ignitor has the ability to enhance all modes of growth and flowering due to certain hormones that are present .

Veg Ignitor also leads to larger yields and higher brix levels.


Your plant's metabolic rate will also increase with Veg Ignitor leading to a larger harvest faster.


Veg Ignitor is not to be used during the flowering phase of a plant's life with any other enzyme products or Bud Burst.




  • Vegetative growth and pre-bloom- 1ml per 10 litres

For use in soil, hydroponics, or coco.

Best used with the complete Nutrifield nutrient range.


For explosive root growth, fat stems and increased yields use Veg Ignitor.