Nutrifield Cargo Boost 5L

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 A  nutrient additive that  increases nutrient's ability to chelate which leads to better absorbtion of nutrients and faster growth.



Use in both growth and flowering stages.

New Label. Same Product.




$140.00 (inc GST)


Nutrifield Cargo Boost helps to maximise nutrient uptake by aiding the delivery of available nutrients straight to the plant's roots.

This optimises yields and plant vitality as no nutirent goes to waste.

Cargo Boost also helps stabilise PH levels to allow your plants to receive as much nutrient as possible.


All of this allows for rapid growth and larger yields, as well as healthy plants.


  • Transplants/Seedlings- 1ml/L
  • Pre-bloom/Early bloom- 1ml/L
  • Bloom/Late bloom- 1.5ml/L
  • Foliar- 1ml/L


For use in soil, hydroponics and coco.

 Best used with the complete Nutrifield nutrient range especailly in conjunction with Fulife