Classic Vega A+B 10L (2x5L) Canna

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Canna Classic Vega is a quality nutrient desinged for hydroponic gardening ensuring a strong plant with large vital shoots.

Made in Holland.

N-P-K: 6-1-6

$149.00 (inc GST)


Classic vega is easy to use, dissolves immediatley and is extremely suitable for automatic "run to waste" systems.
Directions of us:
  • Shake well before use
  • Fill the nutrient resevoir with water
  • The advised dilution rate of Classic Vega is a ratio of 1:250 (4ml part A and 4ml of part B to every 1 litre of water)

-First add Classic Vega A to the nutrient resevoir

-Stir well, then add Classic Vgea B to the nutrient resevoir

-Again, stir well and let mixture sit for some time

  • The EC of Classic Vega dissolved in (tap) water should vary between 1.2-2.0mS (=solution EC + water EC)